Build consensus and ownership for shared decisions.


It can be difficult to build consensus, particularly amongst diverse stakeholders who are responsible for negotiating shared solutions to complex problems. A neutral facilitator helps the group by creating an open environment, asking difficult questions, and supporting people to fully contribute.

As a skilled and neutral facilitator, Heather Graham supports groups by:

  • Designing an inclusive process that builds ownership
  • Creating an environment that promotes open and honest dialogue
  • Effectively managing difficult discussions
  • Building consensus towards shared outcomes/solution
  • Capturing the process and key decisions/actions in a clear report

Examples of Past Facilitations include:

  • Strategic planning retreats for diverse organizations and collaborations (refer to ‘Strategic Planning and Thinking’ AND ‘Collaboration’)
  • Working with the Founding Partners of the Canadian Centre for Accreditation to establish foundational values for the new organization
  • The ‘Connecting the Dots’ Forum for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health which brought together key public health and mental health leaders in Ontario to discuss public health strategies that address child and youth mental health
  • Executive Director and Board Members Meeting for members of Children’s Mental Health Ontario which provided an opportunity to discuss key implementation challenges and emerging opportunities with respect to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ Transformation Plan
  • United Way Toronto’s ‘Partnering for Community Impact Conference’ which provided an opportunity for participants to have a genuine dialogue exploring how UWT and member agencies can work together collaboratively as funder and service provider


“Thanks very much Heather for facilitating our Strategic Planning Retreat. We have had very positive feedback about your facilitation. Everyone I heard from has felt that this process did help us feel clearer on what our priorities should be – and was well facilitated.”

Barbara Wiktorowicz, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Accreditation


“Heather, I really appreciate your wonderful facilitation, especially for narrowing down our community’s priorities and developing action plans. It was great to see the attendees’ full engagement during the discussion. I felt that something good was happening for the community as I watched the discussion, thanks mainly to you.”

April Kim, Program Manager, Partnership Grant Program – Korean Canadian Community